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What is Victoria Milan?

Victoria Milan is a different site, dedicated to people who seek sexual adventures with total discretion and anonymity. Created in Europe, the site was specifically designed to cater to an audience of married or committed people who wish to escape from routine. Privacy is taken seriously by the site.

woman in bed with lover: illustrative image of infidelity from the Victoria Milan website

On the Victoria Milan site, one can find people willing for extra-marital adventures.

What kind of relationships do I get in VM?

Victoria Milan is essentially a site for secret affairs. The structure of the site, therefore, is designed to ensure a safe environment for people seeking discreet affairs.

In practice, the people who join this dating community are looking for casual sex. Although most of the members are married or engaged, separated and single people are also welcome. There are even users who have a special desire to be the 'other' in a relationship.

Sensual woman wearing lingerie and mask: illustrative image from the Victoria Milan secret dating site

VM promises total discretion and confidentiality, with several anonymity features.

Who uses Victoria Milan?

The profile of the community members is very broad. Even though it is a dating site focused on very specific goals. Which is natural, since it is a site with worldwide reach.

Geographical distribution

Victoria Milan was originally launched in Norway. As one might expect, the site first expanded its community in Scandinavia (in addition to the home country, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark). Following a strategy of internationalization, the site is now present in more than 30 countries. In Europe, the site has members in countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and Spain, among others.

Outside the old continent, however, are two of the site's largest member communities today: the United States and Brazil.

Distribution per gender

The ratio between male and female members is relatively even. The split is currently around 57% males and 43% females.

Distribution by age

The site has users in all age groups, but the distribution is not uniform. The vast majority are concentrated in the 18 to 44 age brackets.

victoria milan: site registration form

Screenshot of the Victoria Milan website (Registration)

How do I register for the VM?

From the 'home page', simply click on one of the purple buttons scattered around the page and fill out the registration form, which is very quick. The button text may vary throughout the page, but the destination is always the same, the registration page.

Basically, you should indicate:


Man or Woman.

Relationship Status

Divorced, Married, Engaged or Single.


Man, Woman or Both.

Access Information

E-mail, login (nickname) and password.

Date of birth

This information will also be used in community searches, but the main purpose is to show that you are over 18.

Physical description

General aspects of physical constitution and appearance, such as eye color, height, weight, among others.


This can be your country of residence or the country you are in. That's right, if you are traveling, for example, you can change this information to see and be seen by people from that country.

Personal Details

This is information that is needed to identify you for legal reasons only. You have nothing to worry about. The site guarantees total anonymity and confidentiality of the information, which will be secure and encrypted.

In general, the registration process takes no more than 5 minutes. The creation of the profile depends on the level of detail and the way each person approaches this step. But remember: a complete and well thought-out personal profile can make you stand out, attract more attention, and consequently be more successful in your erotic adventures.

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Single, Engaged

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