Online Dating Sites

You are looking for love
For serious dating and commitment

Online dating sites, serious relationships and commitment in the spotlight. Learn what they are, how they work in practice, and clear up your doubts on the subject.

Online Dating Sites

You are looking for love
For serious dating and commitment

Online dating sites, serious relationships and commitment in the spotlight. Learn what they are, how they work in practice, and clear up your doubts on the subject.

Growing rapidly in the country, Love & Class offers an advanced system for bringing compatible, well-educated people together [...]
Singles Personality test
One of the most used online dating sites by Brazilians. Members here want to meet people in search of a serious and long-lasting relationship. [...]
Singles Search & Filters, Common interests
Site aimed at an audience of mature singles, 50 years of age and older. The members of the community are looking for serious relationships [...]
Singles Search & Filters, Common interests


One of Europe's largest dating sites. It works on a 'matchmaking' system, where the goal is to find compatible partners for serious relationships [...]
Singles Personality test
Created for mature and more experienced people. Despite the name, the site's audience profile is singles over 40 years old. [...]
Singles Personality test

What are online dating sites?

When you read the phrase 'dating sites', it may seem obvious what it means. But it can refer to either overall relationshipswhen it comes to serious relationships. When someone says they are dating, it usually indicates that they are committed. On this page you will find the information you need about this particular type of site.

The sites of dating are for committed and exclusive relationships. Within this category of site, therefore, members seek to meet people to establish a genuine connection

Online dating sites have as their main objective to bring compatible people together, using technology and the Internet to shorten distances. They appeared in the USA and, in English, this type of site is known as 'matchmaker'. By promoting relationships between people with a high degree of affinity and common interests, these sites contribute to each story having a greater chance of a happy ending.

But what is a happy ending in this case? When it comes to commitment and serious relationship sites, people are looking for deep and lasting relationships. The expectation of the members of these sites is to find someone special, be it for courtship, marriage or even a lifelong love.

In short, even though every relationship begins with a date, the chances of it becoming something serious are small at first. The more things in common (affinity), the greater the chances that a meaningful and lasting relationship will emerge from this meeting.

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Why use dating and commitment sites?

A date through a dating site, no matter what kind of site, can only be considered successful when the people involved find what they are looking for. Depending on the type of site, this can be either sex, friendship, a chance meeting or true love. The type of site you choose makes all the difference. It is already half the way to avoiding frustration.

When it comes to finding love or a soul mate, meeting people who are compatible with you makes all the difference. Serious dating sites specialize in this kind of meeting.

Although it is possible to get a casual encounter, these sites attract an audience in search of meaningful relationships based on values such as love, complicity and companionship. If you are looking for a dating site to get married, this is your choice.

In this sense, the role of these sites goes beyond bringing people together who are looking for a real relationship, but to bring them together according to the degree of affinity. By using an online dating site, you will have the possibility to relate only to people who are similar to you. People with the same interests, goals and desires, and personalities that are compatible with yours.

These sites bring together singles of all types and ages, who have the opportunity to meet not only someone special, but someone who matches them. Obviously, the greater the degree of affinity, the greater the possibility of finding a meaningful relationship, or even love. On serious dating sites, people almost always invest in relationships that 'have a future'.

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How do online dating sites work?

The success of a dating site is linked to the company's ability to bring potential partners together with a high degree of compatibility. But introducing people and allowing them to interact with each other is not enough.

In the specific case of sites for dating and commitment, success means bringing people together with a real chance of becoming a couple. To do this, these sites focus on promoting relationships based on compatibility and common interests. When people look alike, live the same expectations, the chemistry happens more naturally.

Unlike sites dedicated to quick and superficial relationships, online dating sites privilege deeper criteria to indicate potential partners. Personality, personal interests, tastes and preferences are the main aspects taken into account to suggest potential matches.

During the registration process and the creation of a personal profile, each member must answer several questions to define who they are and what they are looking for on the site. These can be direct questions, about hobbies and musical taste, for example, or more elaborate questions, such as what they consider an ideal partner.

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How do these sites indicate ideal matches?

Currently there are 2 main mechanisms used by these sites to bring compatible people together: manual search tools and automatic personalized referrals.

The first of these is the simplest and resembles a search we do in an online store. Each person can select attributes, whether physical, mental and emotional, preferences or personal interests, that they are looking for in a partner. Cross-referencing the selected filters and the profile information of each member, the tool lists only those who fit the chosen characteristics.

Searches also often offer filters according to site activity criteria, such as profiles of people who are currently online, members who have visited your personal profile, or members who have recently joined the community.

In the case of automatic referrals, they can generally be of two types. The first system is similar to filter search. But in this case, each person receives suggestions of compatible members automatically, following the criteria defined initially and common interests. 

The second and more elaborate automatic referral process is based on scientifically developed questionnaires. These are called personality tests.

From the answers provided, a computer algorithm profiles and cross-references each member's information to find compatible, or highly affinitive, people. These suggestions of potential partners are sent to the members of the site from time to time, often daily, as the communities are very dynamic.

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Other questions (FAQ)

Once you have chosen a good site, you must register and create a personal profile, which is usually free. During this process you must answer a series of questions about yourself, what you like and what you are looking for in the site. 

This can be a bit of work, but it is certainly worth it. You will realize this when you start receiving suggestions from people with common interests or according to what you are looking for. In general, the more elaborate the questionnaire, the greater the chances of a successful match.

In 99% cases, registration is completely free. Most sites allow you to try it without paying, but usually with some limitations.

Premium subscriptions allow you to use all the features of the sites and make your profile stand out. Credit packages are also used to purchase features within the sites.

Regardless of the purchase model offered by the site, whether by subscription or by use (credits), prices vary greatly from site to site. There are packages and subscriptions for amounts ranging from R$ 9.90 and R$ 19.90, to much higher values than that.

It depends. If you are just evaluating the site and trying to understand how it works and whether it meets your expectations, the free basic account may be sufficient.

But if you have already decided to use this site and want to take the fun seriously, a premium subscription will give you access to other features that are sure to bring you many benefits. 

Generally, paid accounts come with extra privacy and security features, improved search, more and better communication tools, highlighting of your personal profile, priority support, among other advantages. Each site offers its own mix of benefits for premium members.

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