Casual Sex Sites

It's getting hot in here!

For spicy encounters and erotic adventures

Casual sex sites for all tastes. See the sites most used by Brazilians, understand what it is, how it works and know how to enjoy a site for sex without commitment.

Casual Sex Sites

It's getting hot in here!

For spicy encounters and erotic adventures

Casual sex sites for all tastes. See the sites most used by Brazilians, understand what it is, how it works and know how to enjoy a site for sex without commitment.

It is an 'adult fun' site. NewHoney attracts singles, engaged couples and couples looking for erotic adventures with no strings attached. [...]
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Adult FriendFinder is one of the largest casual sex sites in the world. It is gaining more and more followers in Brazil in search of 'adult fun'. [...]
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Victoria Milan is an international site for 'Affairs', or secret affairs. The site promises to help its members find well-resolved lovers with total discretion.  [...]
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The Ashley Madison website has revolutionized online dating with a curious proposal, to say the least: a platform dedicated to committed people looking for an affair [...]
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What are casual sex sites?

The name makes it clear what the purpose of this type of dating site is: to bring people together in search of erotic adventures. The 'casual' refers to the non-exclusiveness of these relationships, which in this context simply means sex without commitment.

Members of these sites are interested in uncomplicated sex. These people do not have the time or are not willing to deal with the various social formalities and emotional issues of a relationship in order to get laid. They want to get straight to the point and enjoy life, with no strings attached, as if there were no tomorrow.

Since human nature is diverse and multifaceted, there are a wide variety of interests and desires when it comes to sex. And casual sex sites strive to cater to all of them. There are sites for all tastes, from those that offer multiple options for sexual encounters, to sites dedicated to specific practices and fetishes.

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Why use casual sex sites?

The obvious reason is to enjoy one of the greatest pleasures that our time and technology offers. Large investments of time, money, and emotional involvement just to have frequent sex make no sense today.

But if you are still not totally convinced and need some more reasons, no problem. Here's a list that can help you become a fan of this practice:

Sex without the need for bonding

Although sexual relationships with complicity have their attractions, many times the bonds bring a series of complications. The pros don't always outweigh the cons.

In this sense, a casual, consensual relationship, where both are only interested in sexual pleasure, is always a great option to satisfy your needs and desires.

Variety of sexual partners

You can have sex with many different people, with many different proposals, in as much time as you like. All this without the need to get emotionally involved and make a commitment.

Almost instantaneous availability and satisfaction

You don't have to be in a relationship or have a steady partner to have sex whenever you want. With access to social networks for people interested in having casual sex, you can get laid easily and quickly, whenever you want.

Openness to live new experiences and to realize desires

No unreasonable modesty or inhibitions. Casual sex sites create communities of people willing to live out their most exciting fantasies. Each one with his or her own desires, it is possible to find several people with compatible erotic interests. After all, there is always someone looking for the same thing as you, you just need to know where.

Casual sex sites are synonymous with pleasure and health

Whether in a relationship or casual, sex is good and good for you. Experts point out a direct relationship between sexual satisfaction and health (physical and mental), and stress reduction. It's good for the body and the mind. Between you and me, it's a recipe for health that doesn't require any sacrifice...

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Going beyond physical and geographical boundaries

Whatever your case, no-strings-attached sex sites bring a lot of facilities. With the use of the Internet and the various technologies that have developed around it, these sites allow you to find sex partners quickly and easily, anywhere.

From searching for interesting people to setting up a date, it can all happen through the screen of a computer, tablet or smartphone. There is no need, initially, for travel, investment of time and money when launching into the night.

And what is better, you extend your reach beyond the social circles you normally have access to. You can meet people you might not otherwise have had contact with. You no longer need to be restricted to people who are nearby, in the same place or region.

Whether for the novelty or the discretion, being able to have sexual encounters beyond your 'borders' is a great opportunity. Certainly, there are many people who desire the same as you, with fantasies in common. You just need to know where they are and connect with them.

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What are your motives?

The general reasons for using such a site are many. But in the case of both men and women, it is essential that each person involved is aware of one key question: why they want to have sex without commitment.

Below you will find some possible justifications. These are some of the cases where casual dating sites are highly recommended. These reasons help you understand what people in these digital communities are looking for.

"I am seeking sexual satisfaction without the need for major investments and emotional involvements."

"I want to get out of the routine and live new and exciting erotic experiences."

"I love to have sex, but I don't want to have to be in a serious relationship to guarantee frequent sex. I prefer to enjoy my freedom so I can have sex whenever I want, with whomever I want."

"I want to find people with common sexual interests, with whom I can fulfill all my erotic fantasies or experience new forms of pleasure."

"I am married/compromised and want to experience an affair to feel the excitement of a new fuck again."

"I have an open relationship and want to relate to people outside our circle of acquaintances, to avoid embarrassment and have sex with complete discretion."

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When can casual sex sites be the solution?

At all stages of adult life, and whatever your current stage, erotic dating sites can be useful. However, at some specific times, these sites are exceptionally helpful and even ideal solutions.

See below if you identify with any of the situations in which seeking casual sex relationships might be a great idea:

  • People experiencing a phase of greater discovery and experimentation with their sexuality;

  • Professionals in the career development and consolidation phase, with little time available and who need practicality in their relationships;

  • Students at times that demand great dedication, concentration, and focus to finish their courses or assignments;

  • People who have just gotten out of a long-term relationship and just want to get back in the game, with no complications, no commitment;

  • Married or engaged people in a long-term relationship who want to get away from the routine or spice up their relationship.

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Main types of casual sex sites

Casual sex sites provide countless possibilities for erotic experiences. People who sign up for these communities want, after all, to satisfy their intimate desires and fulfill sexual fantasies. 

To better meet this expectation, the sites allow each person to define what kind of relationship or experience they are looking for at that moment during the creation of the individual profile. It can be a discreet affair, threesomes or voyeurism, for example.

In addition to the sites in general offering a multitude of options, there are sites that cater to even more specific interests. Among them are sites dedicated to the realization of well-defined erotic fantasies, and sites for special, socially controversial situations, such as extramarital relations between committed people.

Casual Sex Sites in General

This is the main category of no-strings-attached sex sites. They are not sites that are particularly dedicated to any particular sexual fantasy or practice. But in general, they allow a wide variety of experiences. They are ideal for those who are just starting out in this universe of sites.

Specific Practices and Fetish Sites

Unlike sex sites in general, this category includes sites aimed at specific sexual practices and fantasies. They can be sites, for example, dedicated exclusively to the practice of Swing - couple exchange -, or for fetishists adept at BDSM - domination and sado-masochism.

Secret Affairs' Websites

Sites that were created to meet a very specific demand. Most of the members are married and committed people looking for extra-marital adventures or new possibilities for their relationship.

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How to use dating sites for sex

A large part of the results, or the success of using such a site, concerns the quality of the services offered by each company. But much depends on your choices and how you make use of what is at your disposal.

Here are some guidelines on how to use a casual sex site to your advantage and get what you're looking for. It is good to remember that, in addition to these specific recommendations for this type of site, the general safety guidelines for using social networking sites also apply.

Choose casual sex sites that offer what you want

If you have specific interests when it comes to erotic fantasies, it is important to choose a site specifically for this type of practice or a site that has this option. In the latter case, clearly define your personal interests during registration and profile creation. This way you can find people who identify with what you are looking for. 

Be honest and clear about what you are looking for

Also about your preferences, keep in mind that you should make clear to the other members what you want, in order to avoid communication problems and even frustrations. Needless to say, you should not lie about physical aspects.

Keep a low profile

Most people who visit these sites do so precisely because of the possibility of making their wishes come true with strangers. They want to maintain total privacy and confidentiality, avoiding gossip and embarrassment within their own circle of people. Discretion is fundamental. Even more so when it comes to sites whose specific focus is on secret, extra-marital relationships.

Avoid giving details about your life

The same goes for you. Don't expose yourself unnecessarily by revealing personal, family, and work information. Remember: none of this matters to those who are just looking for sex with no strings attached. In fact, the less you know about the other person's personal life, the greater the emotional distance and detachment, which is recommended.

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Sites for well-rounded people

Practicing casual sex requires some care and needs to be something that fits the person's profile. Before you go into action, you need to be clear about what you will find along the way.

We live in a patriarchal society in which female sexual freedom is often repressed. The fact is that, either because of machismo, or for safety reasons, some women may not feel comfortable exploring this kind of relationship in a healthy and pleasurable way. Others are already more resolved about casual sex. In the case of men, for the same reasons, there are usually no major problems. After all, men are trained in detachment from a young age.

Whatever the case, one should keep in mind the informal 'rules' of this type of relationship, to align expectation with reality and avoid someone getting frustrated and disappointed. Basically, casual sex means having sex without commitment and that is what you should expect. It is about pleasure and sexual satisfaction.

So, do some thinking. If you identify that what you need at this moment is emotional support or to fill some emotional need, it may not be the best option. Be careful about using these sites with an expectation beyond just 'adult fun'.

Once you are clear about what you are going to find on this type of site, you are half way there. Still, it is interesting to go a step further in this reflection. Try to define exactly what your reasons are for embarking on this adventure. This will certainly be helpful both to be more comfortable with the situation and to choose a suitable casual sex site.

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Other questions (FAQs)

At first it may seem so, because several sites promote both types of dating at the same time. But there are differences and it is important to know them so that your choice can be the right one for you.

Casual sex sites are focused on the sexual activity itself, that is, sex without commitment and erotic fantasies. Casual dating sites, on the other hand, are geared toward meeting new people for fun without necessarily engaging in a committed relationship. Although an uncompromising fuck can happen, it is not something that is agreed upon at the outset. 

Casual encounters happen more for 'friends with benefits', or colored friendship, while casual sex does not assume any kind of emotional or affective involvement beyond what is necessary.

As with any dating site, these sites are designed to be as safe as possible and to make their members comfortable to live their experiences without worries.

However, most of the safety depends on the care that each person takes not to expose themselves to risky situations. Following the guidelines that each site provides to its users is essential for everything to go well.

It depends. If you are just evaluating the site and trying to understand how it works and if it meets your expectations, the free basic account may be enough. But if you have already decided to use this site and want to get serious, a premium subscription will give you access to other features that are sure to bring you many benefits. 

Generally, paid accounts have extra privacy and security features, improved search, more and better communication tools, highlighting of your personal profile, priority support, among other advantages.

In the specific case of sexual and secret dating sites, there is no need to reinforce the advantage of premium accounts. Subscribers with privileges not only enjoy the most that the sites can offer, but increase the level of confidentiality and protection of their erotic adventures.

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