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Check out some of the main social networking sites used by people from all over Brazil

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Featured Dating Sites

Check out some of the main social networking sites used by people from all over Brazil

Academic Singles

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Singles Search & Filters, Common interests

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Guide Contents (Summary)

How they work

Understand how a dating site works (video)

Free vs. Paid Sites

Advantages and disadvantages of paid and free sites (comparison)

5 good reasons

Top reasons why you should use a dating site (list)

Worldwide Phenomenon

Understand the revolution brought about by dating sites

Current Trends

List of fastest growing sites

Meeting someone online

Online step by step to the first meeting

Types of Social Networking Sites

Serious relationship sites

Also known as matchmaking sitesare focused on bringing together people with compatible personalities, interests, and life moments. In general, they involve a more complex profiling process, with lengthy questionnaires and scientifically developed personality tests. They can indicate affinity among their members automatically, by means of algorithms or search engines with filters. Ideal for people seeking long-term relationships or their better half.

Casual dating sites

These sites are best suited for those interested in non-exclusive relationships than for those seeking commitment. While some interactions may result in more serious relationships, the members of these sites are just looking for fun. On such a site, both the member profiles and the selection criteria are generally more focused on physical attributes. The search for affinity between personalities and the identification of common interests take a back seat.

Erotic encounters

In this category of sites there is no room for hesitation or doubt. The objective is very clear: finding someone to fuck, i.e. casual sex. The registration questionnaires are more focused on physical characteristics and erotic desires. The focus is always on 'adult fun' with discretion and confidentiality. These sites are designed both for singles looking for casual sex and for married people who wish to escape the routine. They are an option both for people who wish to realize their most secret fantasies and for those who seek only to live new experiences.

How Social Networking Sites Work

Understand the operating logic of a modern dating site from the story of a single, busy young man.

Free vs. Paid Sites

See the main differences
EconomyLower cost involved
Number of membersMore people registered on the sites
Quality of the profilesHigher proportion of true, detailed and up-to-date profiles
Quality of resultsIndication of people with a high degree of affinity and common interests
SecurityInvestment in security processes and tools
PrivacyBarriers to entry for the curious and snoopers

5 good reasons to use social networking sites in your favor

The search for a partner for a romantic relationship, whether casual or long-term, can become a real odyssey. Meeting people outside our circle involves a considerable investment of time and money. Going to bars, shows, parties, going out at night is expensive.

While it's nice to have a good time at a club, when it comes to meeting special people, this may not be the best strategy. After all, it's not every day that you meet someone with your personality or interests.

These days, social networking sites have emerged as a very advantageous alternative. When you know what you want and what you are looking for, these sites help you avoid frustration and waste of time. Here are five good reasons online dating services can offer you:

Find people who want the same thing as you

Each dating site is one way. Among the various options, there is always one that is best suited for the type of relationship you are looking for, whether it is dating or a casual encounter.

Bringing people together with a high degree of affinity

Most sites have matching features that allow you to approach people with similar profiles and personal interests, increasing your chances of success.

Evaluate potential peers well

As the initial contacts happen only online, through messaging systems, you have the chance to interact and get to know people better before a phone call or meeting someone in person.

Increase the universe of people within your reach

Each time you sign up for a dating site, you expand your range of possibilities. By expanding your options beyond your current circle of friendships, you greatly increase your chances of finding someone you want.

Get in touch your way and at your pace

Meeting new people face-to-face can be challenging for many people at first. By connecting online, getting closer becomes easier and more uncomplicated, especially for the shy ones.

Websites: Modern Cupid

How did the couples meet between 2010 and 2019?

Through a mutual friend (17%) 170%
In a bar or restaurant (15%) 150%
Through a co-worker (8.5%) 85%
In a Ballad (7%) 70%
Through the family (6%) 60%
At school (4.5%) 45%
In College (4%) 40%
In voluntary work (3.5%) 35%
Professional relationship (3.5%) 35%
In the Church (3%) 30%
Other (3%) 30%

Dating sites are already the main way couples get to know each other

Recent research shows that an increasing number of couples are getting to know each other through dating and relationship websites. According to Stanford University studyin California, online dating services have been most responsible for forming new couples in the United States during the last decade. This type of dating has now surpassed other more traditionally adopted social activities for meeting people, such as being introduced to mutual friends or meeting at a bar.

In a fast-paced, connected world, these dating platforms help more and more people find each other and get closer. Today, dating sites are the form of social interaction that contributes most to bringing singles together and forming new couples in the United States. Although the data refers specifically to that country, it is possible to see a similar evolution throughout the world. The annual growth forecast for the online relationship market (online dating services) for the next few years is 5.8% in Brazil.

In the last decade (2010 - 2019), dating sites have topped the list, becoming the type of social interaction that forms the most new couples, with 19% of the total.

The worldwide phenomenon of online dating

Understand the evolution of dating sites around the world

If technology has transformed the world around us, online dating and social networking sites have transformed how we approach other people. Meeting new people and, more than that, finding someone like you has never been easier and faster, thanks to technology.

More than 20 years have passed since the first online dating service appeared. Today these sites have come of age and have become a very useful tool in the search for both a long-lasting relationship and a one-night stand. It is estimated that today more than 350 million people use online dating services to find partners. 

From young adults to more experienced people, social networking sites attract more and more people willing to connect, be it to flirt, make new friends, or even to find love.

In Brazil, digital flirting has also been consolidating. Members of social networking sites already represent 14% of the country's total population, more than 16 million Brazilians.

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Step-by-step to meet someone online (how to use a dating site)

1. Registration and profile creation

As with social networks, when you sign up for a new platform, you must create a personal profile. Typically, each profile includes the most diverse information, from physical attributes such as height and eye color, to personal preferences and interests.

The level of detail in the profile varies from site to site and depends on the type of relationship prioritized and the compatibility or selection system used. Sites that work with personality tests, in general, demand more information to complete the profile.

2. Description of the ideal person

During the creation of your personal page, most of the time you will also have the possibility to indicate the profile of the partner you are looking for. It may seem a bit tiring, since you will answer the same questions again, but now they are about the person you want to meet. The effort is obviously worth it in the end.

3. Cross-checking data and compatibility indications

In possession of this information, the dating site cross-references profiles and interests of the entire member base in order to indicate potential partners for each member. This can happen automatically, through algorithms (robots), or manually, through search engines with filters and direct viewing of user profiles.

4. Contact and approach

From there you will have a list of people selected according to your preferences, with whom you can get in touch and initiate an approach. Each platform has its own range of communication channels, so you can connect with the people you are interested in and build closer relationships if things go well.

Usually, contacts start with notifications and a chat, e-mail exchanges, until they evolve into phone calls and finally face-to-face meetings.

5. First meeting

If everything goes well during the first contacts on the website, it is likely that you will want to meet the potential partner in person. It is natural that after a series of contacts in your own way and in your own time you already know the person you have been talking to better and already know if you want to meet him/her.

The key here is to follow the basic rules for this kind of dating, available for consultation on all good dating sites and, of course, on DatingSquire's safe dating guide.

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